Author: Bach, Gene

Through the pines I hear, so clearly now,
A song both old and new,
Carried by a gentle breeze,
As it peacefully passes through.

With ageless hands so tenderly,
It embraces, and holds me tight,
A deep breath I take and am at ease,
Upon this winter night.

I scan the dark for a path to lead,
To where does come this song,
And move along as voices dance,
For there my heart does long.

Ahead I see through pale moonlight,
A single cabin stands,
Through the window, I can see,
God’s special bluegrass band.

I know this song and wish to sing,
If only that I could,
I lift my voice and join with them,
“Upon the rock where Moses stood!”

They turn and smile, and wave me in,
Bring me close into the fold,
Joyful faces greet me round,
Though none are young or old.

These were ones who walked the earth,
The music was their friend,
Passed from life to the great beyond,
Death was not an end.

Bill and Jimmy took the lead,
Which was fine by me,
Backing them were Jake and Tom,
Making four part harmony.

Hours drifted by, the circle grew,
The volume rose and waned,
Still more would come, I saw them there,
Through the window pane.

When the singing stopped, they turned and smiled,
There was something I should know,
Alas I could not tarry more,
It was my time to go.

A lady took me by the arm,
and walked me out the door,
Said, “There’s a time that’s coming son,
When you will sing once more.

When that comes, you may return,
To be with us again,
You’ll find the way, by following,
The song upon the wind.

For now go back and spread the word,
Fear not the hand of death,
When it comes to bring you home,
It will also bring new breath.”

With a pat on my arm, she went inside,
To be with those gone on,
I turned and walked into the dark,
Behind me, they joined in song.

I tell my story so you will know,
When you think of Jordan’s shore,
Take comfort in the thought my friend,
Someday we will sing our songs, in peace forever more.

Posted:  12/2/2007

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