Author: Bartlett, Regina

Harmony Road

Well, I havenít ventured out much on Harmony Road lately. I missed the CBA Spring Camp Out. A bad cold kept me home and out of the rain. I once had a cold and then went to the Parkfield Festival and ended up in the ER and had came down with Pnuemonia so, Iím not as hardy with camping in bad weather as I used to be. A back injury has also kept me on ice!

Jim Lewinís Concert: My friend Jim Lewin had a concert in Corralitos at the Corralitos Cultural Center. It was wonderful. I have watched Jim play with The Harmony Grits, Lacy J. Dalton, Frank Wakefield, Great American Taxi and Todd Snyder, and many others. Heís always been a great side man making others sound really well, but he can sure can sing and write some great songs and Jimís a fantastic guitar and mandolin player. He had a great band and it was great to see music happening close to home in Corralitos. It was a treat.

String Slingers: I was delighted to see my friends Ella ďDiamondĒ Naiman and Megan Herring and their band ďString SlingersĒ on Chilly Spillyís Bowl of Rocks on Santa Cruz Community Television. This is a great video and I recorded it. It has amazing backgrounds and the gals really look and sound incredible. They could sell this video itís that good. I shared it with some friends and they were impressed.

Iím so looking forward to the Motherís Day Parkfield Bluegrass Festival. I love how Bluegrass takes over the little town of Parkfield. The stage and sound have been greatly improved and itís always BIG FUN in Parkfield.

Hope to see many of you at San Lorenzo Park for the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Concert on May 5th. Itís always a sweet event with lots of jamming happening around the park. Great raffle prizesÖjust a tip as my old friend The SurfDawg would say!

Iím also looking forward to the Dabney Hicks Memorial CampOut at Bolado Park this Memorial Day. Good friends and lots of good picking.

Next week, I am going to Los Angeles to celebrate my Motherís 84th Birthday and weíre going to see the Jay Leno and also American Idol shows while Iím there.

Posted:  4/30/2012

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