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Small Town

A lot of people would say I live in a small town, but it doesn't seem that way to me. Healdsburg is about the same size as the town I grew up in but since it sits right in the heart of the Sonoma County wine country, it's harder to find a place where you can buy socks. Fancy restaurants, hotels and wine bars on the other hand, no problem.

I have to admit I'm a little intimidated by big cities. We have a lot of San Francisco transplants up here and when they talk about going "down to the city", they mean San Francisco. When I mention that I'm "driving down to the city", my wife knows I mean Santa Rosa. Our house is sort of in the country, about halfway between Healdsburg and the little unincorporated settlement of Geyserville, population: 1650. I like to visit Geyserville because I've always been fascinated by towns of about that size. I attend church in Geyserville, in part because the folks there are really friendly.

One day while riding my bike, I was approaching Geyserville from the north and I realized that I was about eight miles from my house. I thought about how fond I had become of the little hamlet ahead and I decided to honor it in song. By the time I reached home, I had set the following lyrics to the music of an old traditional tune. I modified the words a bit to fit my own situation more closely. Hope you like it (with apologies to Grandpa Jones):

Eight More Miles to Geyserville

I've traveled all this country wide, seeking fortune fair
Up and down the two coastlines, I've traveled everywhere
From Portland east to Portland west and back across the line
I'm going back to the place that's best, the old home town of mine.

Eight more miles and Geyserville will come into my view
Eight more miles on this old road and I'll never more be blue
I knew someday that I'd come back. I knew it from the start
Eight more miles to Geyserville, the hometown of my heart

There's got to be a gal somewhere that you like best of all
Mine in down in Geyserville. She's cute but she ain't tall.
And she's the kind that you can't find a rambling through the land
I'm going there this very day to win her heart and hand.

There's lots of fields and vineyards there and you can't beat the wine
California climate filled with lots of nice sunshine
The perfect place to settle down with the one gives me a thrill
My turtle dove, the one I love in a town called Geyserville.

Now I can picture in my mind a place we'll call our own
A humble little hut for two, I never more will roam
The place that's right for that love site, Sonoma County's hills
Where gently flows the Russian rio, in a town called Geyserville.

Posted:  3/11/2012

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