Author: Cornish, Rick

You can study the glass, but why?

Cold here at Whiskey Creek. I know, I know, the mid-fifties don’t qualify as cold for a lot of you, but this boy…er…old man…was born and bred in the Bay Area where winters, and summers for that matter, are mild. So were bundled up inside just waiting out the chill until spring and bluegrass season starts. Been sort of fun for the dogs and I; Lynn’s been preparing for a ‘miniature’ art show coming up in Sonora. The house is full of small, 9X7 watercolors of fawns and bunnies and owls and pocket mice. Do dogs recognize objects, particularly other animals, in two dimensional renderings? I don’t know, but they’ll eat ‘em if they get a chance. At least Willie, the youngest, will.

Our quote contest is rolling right along. What contest, you ask? Okay, here goes…submit a quote (yours or anyone’s) and if it’s used in the Welcome Column between now and June 3, 2012, have a chance to win a four-day comp to the 37th Annual Fathers Day Festival in Grass Valley or a 2012 festival t-shirt. Submit as many as you want, but you must send each separately to In the case of duplicates, the first to be received will be considered. The names of submitters of all quotes used on the CBA web site’s Welcome Column will be placed in a drawing. Two one comp ticket winners will be pulled and three festival t-shirt winners will be pulled. Winners who have already purchased a ticket will receive a refund. Although quotes on all topics will be considered, those that have relevance to the interests of our web site visitors will be more likely to be favored in the selection. So, we’ve got about fifteen names in the hat to select from. Still plenty of time to get your quote in.

One of the quotes I received recently was something along the lines of, ‘While pessimists and optimists are busy arguing over whether the glass is half full or half empty, pragmatists just drink the contents. I’m feeling a little like that lately. While the pessimism track can look pretty compelling some mornings after reading my email and the news, and although my cardiologist tells me every chance he gets that optimism is good for the old ticker, I’ve been feeling downright pragmatic lately. Which is to say, more than happy just savoring every piece of good news I stumble upon. For example…

Got a note from Tim Edes down in Morgan Hill last evening with an attached summary spread sheet from the Night at the Grange concert with IIIrd Thyme Out. My response to his assessment, spelled out in numbers rather than words, was HOLY MOLY! Best year we’ve had…standing room only…huge local sponsorships…many Association sign-ups and memberships. And while we’re on the TTO topic, every show they’ve done since arriving in the west last week has been sold out; this either says bluegrass is thriving in our part of the world or that they’re booking agent, Maria Nadauld, is a genius. I’ll drink to both.

And there was the Message Board posting from Lisa Burns claiming that this year’s Winter Music Camp was the “best ever” and giving kudos to Ingrid Noyce, our camp director. Another full-to-the-brim CBA endeavor and another reason to gulp down the contents of the glass rather than analyze it. Oh, and I should point out that Lisa’s claim of ‘best ever’ wasn’t hard to swallow. Anyone involved with camp these past eleven years will tell you that every camp is THE BEST EVER. That’s just another way of saying that they get better and better.

Of course what’s happening behind the scenes each year at this time is the feverish work being done to ensure success at Grass Valley. The pessimist, always on the alert for potential catastrophe, could point to four-dollar gasoline or the unknown hitches inherent in the 2012 GREAT DOG PILOT. The optimist, of course, is busy forecasting positive scenarios for each while I, chief pragmatist and bottle washer, prefer living in the here and now. Ticket sales are strong and already show the positive impact of our new Joe Weed-produced FDF promo video, there’s been surprisingly little push back from those nervous about sharing the camp ground with our quadruped pals and our second annual Old-Time Gathering, headed up by new board member Steve Goldfield, is really, really getting of the ground this year. Expect to see a whole lot of old-time music folks in June.

And I could go on, but I won’t. Rather, it’s up to the barn to make more picture frames for the new batch of watercolor critters. Have a terrific Tuesday, stay warm and continue the countdown for Turlock and launch of the 2012-2013 bluegrass season. Ain’t life grand?

Posted:  2/28/2012

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