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Hey, It's Winter, Gimme a Break

Every year we hear about how bluegrass goes dormant during the winter. Everybody's bemoaning the lack of musical activity. Some of the more optimistic among us are talking of getting ready for "bluegrass season" to start. The Great 48 Hour Jam is billed as a break from the "winter doldrums".
So I ask myself, "what am I going to write about in my Welcome Column today?".

In desperation, I turn to the Message Board for inspiration and, guess what, it's not winter there! There's already been a festival or two, a couple of touring bands are sweeping California (with local talent opening for their performances), shows abound at various indoor venues, and many local jams go on in spite of the season. Check it out!

Speaking of the Great 48, I haven't seen the numbers yet, but it seems like it was once again better-attended than before. It was standing room only for the Thursday night Kiwanas benefit show and the Saturday band scramble and open mic. This is a unique event, bringing together bluegrassers from both ends of the state, and attracting a sizable number of Bakersfield grinners. A big "thank you" to those that made it happen!

I haven't seen the proverbial Robin, but there've been signs of spring here on the desert. Last week, Bob and Cindy Thomas stopped by on their way to Arizona, and Gene and Cynthia Bach will be coming through on Monday (I'm writing this on January 28th). When you see Gene, be sure to ask him why he was this far from home.

If you're driving by Boron, DON'T. Let us know you're coming. We can meet for coffee, lunch, or you can overnight at the "Walking S" ranch.
Posted:  2/4/2012

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