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John Blasquez 
Instrument(s): Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin
City: In Walnut Creek, near Alamo, Lafayette, Concord, Danville, Pleasant Hill, & Martinez
County: Contra Costa
Phone: (925) 935 9295
E-Mail: johncalba@singingwood.com
Web Site: http://www.singingwood.com
I've been teaching students of various levels and backgrounds for 32 years -- from beginners to advanced, in private lessons and workshops. I cover the basics quickly and thoroughly, so I enjoy working with beginners.

You'll get lots of advice and friendly reminders about good posture, technique, relaxation, and helpful practice habits. I'll guide you through an exploration of various study skills and encourage you can adopt a style of practice that suits your needs. Doing so makes a huge difference. It accelerates your rate of learning, improves your ability, refines your overall sound and timing, it allows you to better retain what you've learned, and it promotes self confidence in performance.

I teach music reading and I've got lots of music available in treble clef and tablature, but I really enjoy coaching people as they discover how to learn by ear. I specialize in teaching improvisation -- which is not a big deal once you get started. You'll surprise yourself.

Fiddle: Bluegrass, Old-time and Celtic music (All levels)
Mandolin: American and Celtic music; accompaniment (All levels)
Guitar: Finger-picking, flat-picking, accompaniment (Lots of styles)
Banjo: Clawhammer, frailing. (Beginning)
- - -
Creative studies: Improvisation, arranging, composition.
Learning skills: Note reading, memorization, learning by ear.
Special studies: Economy of motion, relaxation, rhythm and timing.

Please look at the Workshop and Jam Session information on my website.

Horizon Workshop: www.singingwood.com/horizon
Fiddling for Violinists:www.singingwood.com/FiddlingForViolinists
Acoustic Instruments 101: www.singingwood.com/AcousticInstruments101

Workshop overview & directions: www.singingwood.com/workshops

My Educational Website is: www.theoreticallyCorrect.com
This site contains music tools that should be of interest to singers and instrumentalists:

Chord finder and scale finder software for any stringed instrument
Chord transposing software for transposing songs to any key.

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