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Lisa Berman 
Instrument(s): Dobro, Old Time (see profile)
City: Oakland
County: Alameda
E-Mail: lisa@stairwellsisters.com
Web Site:
Lisa plays dobro, "hillbilly Hawaiian slide" and Weissenborn with The Crooked Jades (www.crookedjades.com) and The Stairwell Sisters (www.stairwellsisters.com).

Lisa teaches beginner-intermediate dobro/slide students. She teaches traditional bluegrass style (in traditional dobro tuning). She also teaches her own variation on old-time slide (played flat like a dobro in standard weissenborn tuning). There are not a lot of recordings with slide in old-time music, but there are a few and Lisa adds her own style.
(Note: She does not teach traditional Hawaiian music/style...yet).

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