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Kenny Blacklock 
Instrument(s): Fiddle
City: Petaluma
County: Sonoma
Phone: (707) 773 1230
E-Mail: ken@vsuccess.com
Web Site:
Kenny Blacklock, fiddler with Keystone Station (http://www.carltone.com/ks.htm) and The Keepers (www.thekeepers.net), has been teaching fiddle and other instruments for over 20 years. In addition to the fiddle, he plays mandolin, guitar, piano, fife, pennywhistle, recorder, spoons and musical saw, and he teaches general music and strings to 4th through 8th grade students in various Marin County schools.

Kenny is a regular competitor and judge at fiddle contests throughout the state, and has had many top five finishes over the years. He is the grandson of long-time CBA member, musical saw player Charlie Blacklock.

Kenny attended Berklee College of Music, where he studied under renowned jazz violinist, Matt Glaser, played lead violin with the school's premier jazz ensemble, "The International Dues Band," and was awarded the Joe Venuti scholarship. He also studied under Daniel Kobialka, while completing an MA at San Francisco State University.

Kenny teaches a variety of fiddle styles and helps his students to play by ear, read music or tablature, and to improvise. A former Suzuki kid himself, he also uses the Suzuki method to teach his younger students.

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