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Topher Gayle 
Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele
City: Santa Rosa
County: Sonoma
E-Mail: topher@tophergayle.com
Web Site:
I've been playing music for 30+ years in many contexts, including bluegrass, contra dance, blues, folk, and rock.

I studied music at Boston University, concentrating in music composition. I've taught many times at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp (http://www.rmfiddle.com), California Coast Music Camp (http://www.musiccamp.org), and Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (www.psgw.org). I've also been a teaching assistant at the CBA and Walker Creek Music Camps.

I play and teach mandolin, mandola, fingerstyle and flatpicked steel-string guitar, and ukulele. I also coach bands and individuals in musicianship, improvisation, arranging harmony, and learning by ear.

My students are encouraged first off to have fun! Lessons emphasize the practical use of theory to help students understand what they're hearing. This allows them to participate more confidently in social music situations (such as jams and campfire circles) where being able to learn and play by ear is just plain fun.

I teach primarily from my home in Santa Rosa.

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