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Ran Bush 
Instrument(s): Banjo, Bass
City: Berkeley
County: Alameda
Phone: (510) 525 8156
E-Mail: ranbush@gmail.com.
Web Site:
I host a "Bluegrass and Beyond" Slow Jam session on the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoon of each month at the Freight in Berkeley. We play Bluegrass standards fairly slow, support each others' learning, and have some laughs. We also play songs from singer-songwriters like Gillian Welch and Steve Earle, classic Country-Western songs and jam songs like "Friend of the Devil" and "Wagon Wheel", among others. $14.50 door. See the Freight website's Workshop page for more info. http://www.thefreight.org

I also host a guided Bluegrass Slow Jam at the B.F.U.U. church at 1606 Bonita Ave. in Berkeley on Tuesday evenings, 7-9:00PM, $12.50 door, www.bfuu.org/events/calendar

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