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Dave Bloxham 
Instrument(s): Banjo, Guitar
City: Alamo
County: Contra Costa
Phone: (925) 837-2578
E-Mail: beyondguitars@sbcglobal.net
Web Site:
Winner of the 2007 California State Bluegrass Banjo Championship

I've been playing and teaching bluegrass banjo for over 30 years. All levels welcome. Banjo is my first instrument, I got hooked on it in 1972 when the film Deliverance came out and just had to learn the theme Dueling Banjos, so I did.. and I haven't put it down ever since!

I teach a modern, three finger "Scruggs-style" banjo, and melodic fiddle tune style, or "Kieth" style. I keep the lessons geared toward the goals of the student and the level from which we are beginning. Most of my students are bare bones beginners.

I have a strong ability to pick out banjo from recorded sources and write tab and modify tabs from books. Because of this, we can work on your favorites from CD if you like, or choose your favorite tabs and we can simplify them until you get the hang of it. I use a couple of different banjo lesson books and then add my own songs, licks and exercises to tie it all together.

I encourage my students to listen carefully and play by ear, play leads and backups, and how to create melodic solos of your own. We will explore how far we can expand your abilities this way, but most of all, I believe banjo is great fun to play and enjoy, and we will keep it going as long as you are enjoying yourself.

Guitar is my second instrument, and I teach beginning bluegrass rhythm and chording, how to incorporate runs and backup and beginning guitar leads.

I have recently begun an instrument dealership, and feature discount prices on Banjos, Guitars, Mandolins, Fiddles, Basses, Dobros, etc.. I also rent instruments to students when requested.

Call or email and we can get you started!

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