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Bluegrass Revival (3 CDs)
Various Artists
Reviewed by:  Joe Ross
2/23/2013 12:00:00 AM

IMI Music MC2-50435
20 Music Square West, Nashville, TN. 37203
Tel. (615)255-0105
EMAIL mikehyland@comcast.net
www.IMImusic.com OR www.Gotchasong.com
Playing Time - CD#1 (33:35); CD#2 (32:37); CD#3 (33:36)

Bluegrass Revival is a 3-CD set of bluegrass gospel that has spent over two years on the Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums chart. Steve Ivey not only arranged and produced the tracks, but all the songs not public domain were written or co-written by him. Ivey sings lead on most cuts, all background parts, and he plays guitar, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, harmonica and dobro. Other lead vocals are offered by Jesse Lee Campbell, Laura Jewel,a nd Larry Cordell. Jerry Salley, Simon Ivey, and Sid Ivey contribute background vocals and sound effects. Stellar instrumental accompaniment is provided by Andy Leftwich (mandolin), Shad Cobb (fiddle), Charlie Chadwick (bass) and Richard Bailey (banjo).

One can tell that gospel singing is of great importance to Steve Ivey and his sidemen. It's not only fun, but it holds a great deal of meaning. Ivey dips into a deep well of sacred material - one that will never run dry, especially with his own personal emphasis on songwriting. While some of the songs are more on the serious side, others (like "I Am Thine O Lord") move faster and provide encouragement to tap one's toes or clap one's hands. A few more of the latter would have conveyed an even more upbeat and spirited mood to this project. However, the 3-CD set still gives great pleasure…and includes some of the greatest love songs of all time. (Joe Ross)

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