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I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky
Audie Blaylock and Redline
Reviewed by:  Brenda Hough
9/23/2011 12:00:00 AM

Rural Rhythm Records
Box 660040, Arcadia, CA 91066
Song list: I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky, You’ll Find Her Name Written There, In Despair, On The Old Kentucky Shore, Out in the Cold World, When the Golden Leaves Begin to Fall, My Little Georgia Rose, Mighty Dark to Travel, Cry Cry Darlin’, I Was Left On the Street, Lord Lead Me On, Tall Timber

In this centennial year of Bill Monroe’s birth, it’s surprising that there aren’t more tribute albums featuring Bill’s many songs. It’s perhaps fitting that Audie whose career includes working with Jimmy Martin, Rhonda Vincent and Michael Cleveland, is involved with a salute to the traditional sounds of bluegrass. Audie’s strong guitar playing and stout hearted vocals are the strong foundation of his Redline band, and he is joined on this collection of songs by some original Bluegrass Boys, Del McCoury and Glen Duncan. Also adding to the marvelous tribute are Bobby Osborne, Lou Reid, Russell Moore and Ronnie McCoury. Audie’s band members are Russ Carson on banjo, Patrick McAvinue on fiddle and Reed Jones on bass. All three players have mastered that special bluegrass sound and rhythm and Patrick and Russ are particularly talented with the fiddle and banjo interaction that is a bluegrass hallmark.

The opening song, “I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky,” is a Bill Monroe original and features Lou Reid on the vocals and Ronnie McCoury on mandolin. It’s performed with extra gusto, and Patrick’s fiddle and Ronnie’s mandolin have an extra sparkle. The other Kentucky song on the album is “On the Old Kentucky Shore” and Del McCoury’s duet with Audie have that special haunting quality found in many Monroe songs. Bobby Osborne joins Audie on “Mighty Dark to Travel” and the two voices have that special brother duet quality.

Audie’s vocal solo on “Cry Cry Darling” has that soaring high lonesome tenor that will send shivers down your spine. Patrick and Reed form a powerful vocal trio with Audie as they perform the stirring gospel song, “Lord Lead Me On.” Bill Monroe’s bands excelled at high speed instrumentals and Redline pours on the power as they perform the instrumental “Tall Timber” aided by fiddle power from Glenn Duncan and Jason Carter. The legacy of Bill Monroe continues with this outstanding tribute!

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