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Reviewed by:  B Hough
1/21/2007 12:00:00 AM

Henry Koretzky
5609 River Road, 1st Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Song selection: Oh My Little Darling, Dark End of the Street, Are You Lonesome Tonight, There’s A Mailbox on the Dark Side of the Moon, I’ll Never Grow Tired of You, Fistful of Rain, How Much He Cares, Willie’s Last Stand, Brazos River Song, Memories That Bless and Burn, Mining Camp Blues, I wonder Where You Are Tonight, Thousands of Ladies Are Crying, If I Should Fall Behind, Banjo Picking Girl.

Henry Koretzky and Deb Kaufman are a Pennsylvania-based duo who sing and play in the carefully choreographed style of the Louvin Brothers. Their mandolin and guitar-playing blend as effortlessly as their voices, and like the figure skaters that glide across the ice in perfect tandem, this musical pair joins in a note for note glide that makes each song special.

The traditional songs include “Are You Lonesome Tonight” from the Carter Family and “I’ll Never Grow Tired of You” from the singing of Carter Stanley. Henry and Deb have a particularly effective vocal harmony ending to “Are You Lonesome Tonight.” Ginny Hawker has been one of Deb’s mentors and her influence is strong in Deb’s vocal interpretation of “I’ll Never Grow Tired of You.”

Warren Zevon and Bruce Springsteen are definitely not traditional song writers, but Deb and Henry transform Warren’s “Fistful of Rain” with a strong bass guitar line and a fast paced mandolin chop, tremolo and lead break. Springsteen’s love song “If I Should Fall Behind” has a wonderful guitar accompaniment that wraps itself around the voices. Suzanne Thomas’ “Memories That Bless and Burn” is a powerful hymn to a life in the hereafter and the powerful singing of Rootbound makes this song one of the most heartfelt on the album. Deb and Henry have also included some of their own original songs. Henry’s “Willie’s Last Night” is a twist on the old murder ballads and in this song Willie gets his comeuppance. “Thousands of Ladies Are Crying” is Deb’s tale of the soldiers who died at the battle of Gettysburg. Rootbound succeeds in giving life to songs from the roots of old-time and country music and carefully grafts its own branches with their own songs and tunes crafted from other genres.

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