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Somebody Like You
Monroe Crossing
Reviewed by:  B Hough
8/30/2005 12:00:00 AM

Monroe Crossing: Somebody Like You Art Blackburn 17625 Argon St NW Ramsey, MN 55303

www.monroecrossing.com 2005

Song List: At Last, When The Cold Winds Blow, The Call and the Answer, Maiden's Prayer, My Girl, My Little Georgia Rose, Rose of My Heart, Oh Lonesome Me, Electric Blanket, Sonny's Dream, Rocky Road Blues, Just Wondering Why, Never on Sunday, Somebody Like You.

Monroe Crossing is a Minnesota based band with five CDs to their credit. They have won many regional awards and have year-round touring schedule in the Midwest. Their smooth vocals and finely tuned instrumentation follow the "Monroe" tradition, but their talents flow to other genres and styles, and this album is an opportunity for them to showcase some special songs from their concerts. The band consists of Art Blackburn on guitar and vocals, Lisa Fuglie on fiddle and vocals, Matt Thompson on mandolin and vocals, Mark Anderson on bass and Jeff Whitson on banjo. Lisa Fuglie weaves her vocal talents around a gentle DeDanann tune, "The Call and the Answer" and an Etta James classic jazz tune, "At Last." These two tunes are worth the cost of the whole album, but Lisa also plays fiddle and mandolin and adds fine harmonies to most of the other songs. The selection includes some Bill Monroe classics and "Maiden's Prayer," an instrumental made popular by Bob Wills. Matt Thompson's mandolin playing is featured in a spirited version of the film classic, " Never On Sunday." The group pulls out all the stops with their bluegrass version of the Temptations' "My Girl" which is popular wedding request. Their recordings were produced at the "Precision Powerhouse," a great business name and an apt description for this band from the North Country.

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