2015 Summer Music Camp Registration

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Make up to three selections in order of preference (one being highest preference) for morning classes. (Please see instructors page of website, or contact us, for descriptions and prerequisites for each class, before making your selection.)
Bluegrass Band, level 2*
Bluegrass Band, level 3*
Old-Time Band, level 2/3*
Bluegrass Banjo, level 1
Bluegrass Banjo, level 2/3
Old-Time Banjo, level 2/3
Bass, level 1
Bass, level 2/3
Dobro, level 1/2
Dobro, level 3
Fiddle, level 1
Bluegrass Fiddle, level 2/3
Old-Time Fiddle, level 2/3
Guitar w/Singing, level 1/2
Old-Time Guitar, level 1/2
Guitar Solos, level 2/3
Mandolin, level 1
Mandolin, level 2
Mandolin, level 3
Vocal Style, level 2/3
Vocal Harmony, level 2/3
* your instrument (for band classes)

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Tuition will be $350 per person until May 1st and $400 thereafter.

Optional Items:

Meals: (optional) $100 (includes Sun. dinner through Wed. lunch)
Vegetarian Meals: (optional) $100
Wednesday night lasagna dinner: (optional) $10
  Name(s) of additional person(s) for meals, if any:
Tent Camping (optional) $25 per adult:
  Name(s) of additional person(s) for camping, if any:
RV camping (optional) $60 per site:
RV with electrical: (optional) $110 per site, RV for entire week with electrical.
Camp T-Shirts: (optional) $18 (S-XL) The T-shirt design will be posted on the "What's New" page of our website.
  Please indicate size (S, M, L, XL) and style (Men's/Women's)
Camp T-Shirts: (optional) $21 (2XL)
  Please indicate style (Men's/Women's)
Camp T-Shirts: (optional) $24 (3XL)
  Please indicate style (Men's/Women's)
Camp T-Shirts: (optional) $27 (4XL)
  Please indicate style (Men's/Women's)
Contribution to scholarship fund: (optional -- help a low income camper come to camp!)  
Fungrass Enrollment Fee(s) for your child or sibling in kids morning program - $75 per child
  Please list child's name(s) and age(s) for Fungrass

You are not enrolled until you receive confirmation and a registration code.

We will contact you within a week of receiving your registration.
Please wait one week, and then if you haven't heard back, contact us to confirm your registration status.
Questions? Check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website www.cbamusiccamp.org
or contact directors Janet Peterson and Peter Langston at info@cbamusiccamp.org

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