White Chili—Elida Ickes

2 medium onions chopped—sauté in 3 tbsp. oil ten minutes

4 cloves minced garlic, add after onions turn translucent and sauté

Add and sauté two more minutes:

2 – 4 oz. cans, chopped green chilies (mild)

2 tsp ground cumin

1 ½ TSP tsp oregano

¼ tsp.. Cayenne

Add and simmer uncovered 2 hours, stirring occasionally:

6 cups chicken broth

2 15 oz. cans Northern white beans, including liquid


4 cups cooked chopped chicken

2 cups grated Monterey Jack cheese (you can keep some out for garnish)

Stir until cheese melts.

Serve when hot. Top with shredded cheese/sour cream/oyster crackers.

Hint: Can cook first part of recipe and refrigerate..

Heat and add chicken and cheese when ready to serve.

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