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    Monday, November 24, 2014

    Doggie Scan.



    Prairie Home Companion

    Our Welcome Columnists
    Welcome Column Archive
    THE DAILY GRIST..."I say we let the new guy do it. He talks a good game, let's see if his follow through matches."--JD Rhynes, April, 2000 CBA board of directors meeting.

    CBA-on-the-World Wide Web
    Today's column from Rick Cornish
    Tuesday, November 25, 2014

    Good morning from Whiskey Creek, where, if you weren’t a member of the human race and thus hadn’t been inundated with news about the worst drought in California’s history (and that’s no exaggeration…not but a few months ago I saw a piece in a London newspaper about our dire lack of rain), you’d think it was a typical fall at the old homestead. (See photo above.) Betwixt and between all of the rich and glorious fall colors can be seen a fine brilliant carpet of grass, blades not more than two inches tall but clearly pining for those next gulps of water that, if all goes well, will be knee-high by late April. Yes, indeed, if all goes well.

    Used to be that not more than three our four months would go by before I’d write another “status report” on the California Bluegrass Association web site. They were chalk-full of statistics, detailed descriptions of how we’d solved cyber attacks, plans for new features, pleads for Web Team volunteers and pretty much every other thing that could possibly be deemed I think it’s probably been close to a year that the webmaster (that would be me) has had anything to say about the web site and, as my wife, Lynn, would say if I asked her, that’s probably just as well. “Who cares about this stuff besides you, Rick? All people care is that when they click on their bookmark the damned thing opens.” Which it always does. But this morning I do want to share a few things. Oh, and I’ll end with the best.


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