It’s our experience that people who are into bluegrass music don’t ‘like’ it ... they LOVE it. Since 2003, we‘ve had nearly 280 people submit their stories: adults and youngsters; CBA members and nationally-known artists alike.

From listening to the Opry on a crystal radio to being given a cassette while in the military; from being turned on to Bill Monroe by a college roommate to accidently walking into a pizza joint where a jam was in progress. Some stories are funny, some are touching, and some are downright amazing.

So, please browse through our "Hooked on Bluegrass" story gallery. For newer members, it's an efficient way to acquaint yourself with a whole lot of people at once.


Each post is meant to tell the unique story of how an individual came to be involved in music, whether as a fan or as a musician. Feel free to tell us about your authorship, band, etc., but remember that the goal is to describe your journey.

Please Include Paragraph Breaks. Long blocks of text are difficult to read. Please include a small photo, too. To share your story, send it to If you'd prefer a banner proclaiming "Hooked On Old-Time" (or "Gospel" or "Folk" or whatever), let us know, as bluegrass is the default.

Nearly all these stories were originally presented on the CBA home page. Everything originally posted between February 2005 and May 2013 is now accessible. There are about forty stories still to be added.

--Allan French, "HOB" Story Archivist

Adam Steffey Aimee Anderson
Aissa "AJ" Lee Alan Bartram
Alan Bibey Alan Shank
Alex "The Dog" Cornish Alice Gerrard
Allan French Allen Light
Andy Alexis Andy Falco
Andy Gates Andy Hall
Angelica Grim Austin McGregor
Banjer Dan Barb McDonald
Bert Daniel Beth Weil
Betsy Riger Bill Chapman
Bill Clifton Bill Downs
Bill Evans Bill Meiners
Bill Rogers Bill Schneiderman
Billy McBee Bob Thomas
Bradley Walker Brenda Hough
Brian McNeal Brooks Judd
Bruce Campbell Carl Abbott - 2005 version
Carl Abbott - 2007 version Caroline Disney
Carolyn Faubel Chris Carney
Chris Jones Chris Stapleton
Chris Stuart Chuck Poling
Claire Lynch Cliff Compton
Cliff Wagner Craig Wilson
Daisy Anderson Dale Ann Bradley
Dan "BanjerDan" Mazer Dan Bernstein
Dan Booth Dan Hays
Dan Tyminski Darby Brandli
Darrin Vincent Dave Earl
Dave Guarente Dave Nielsen
Dave Walker Dave Williams
David Lange David Naiditch
David Porter David Rainwater
David Thom Deb Livermore
Debra Ferguson Del Williams
Diana Donnelly Dick Clark
Dick Todd Dick Woodrich
Dirk Powell Dix Bruce
Don Rigsby Doyle Lawson
Duane Campbell e e cummings
Ed Baker Eddie Adcock
Eric Gibson Eric Thompson
Eric Uglum Esther House
Ethan Anderson Frank Solivan II
Frank Wakefield Gail Reese
Gary Ferguson Geff Crawford
Gene Bach Geoff Sargent
George Ireton Grant Garland
Grant Johnston Greg Cahill
Harold Spens Henry Kaiser
Herb Pedersen Hilary "Nell Robinson" Perkins
Hunter Berry Ian Gilmore
Ingrid Noyes Ivan Rosenberg
Jack Brose Jack Pierce
Jack Tuttle Jami Lampkins
Jamie Dailey Jane Goodall
Janet Beazley Janice Young
Jason Burleson Jason Carter
JD Rhynes Jeanie Ramos
Jens Koch Jim Chayka
Jim Hurst Jim Roe
Jim VanCleve Jimmy Sunnebrandt
Jo Ellen Doering - 2008 version Jo Ellen Doering - 2009 version
John Cherry John Duncan
John Erwin John Gwinner
John Hettinger John Karsemeyer
John McKelvy John Reischman
Jon Schaffer Jonathan Bluemel
Julia Child Julio Boysenberry
Junior Sisk Kathy Kirkpatrick
Keith Irwin Kelly Crocker
Kelvin Gregory Ken Irwin
Ken Reynolds Ken Seaman
Kenny Blacklock Kim Elking
Kip Martin Kipper Stitt
Kristin Scott Benson Kyle Abbott
Larry "The Thin Man" White Larry Baker
Larry Carlin Larry Cohea
Larry Cordle Larry Kuhn
Larry Stephenson Laurie Lewis
Layne Bowen Leigh Gibson
LeRoy "Mack" McNees Leslie Abbott - 2007 version
Leslie Abbott - 2009 version Lisa Berman
Lisa Burns Lou Reid
Lynn Quinones Marcos Alvira
Mark Anderson - "Monroe Crossing" band Mark Newton
Mark Twain Mark Varner
Martha Adcock Marty Varner
Mary Curtin Mary Kennedy
Mary Tilden Mary Yeomans
Masha Goodman Crawford Matt Coleman
Matt Milan Michael Cleveland
Michael Witcher Michelle Niixon
Mike Brooks Mike Fleming
Mike McKinley Mike Nadolson
Mildred Criswell Missy Raines
Molly Tuttle Montie Elston - 2009 version
Montie Elston - 2013 version Nick Dumas
Nikita Khrushchev Paige Anderson
Pat Calhoun Patricia Simmons
Paul Knight Paul Sato
Pete Goble Pete Hicks
Peter Barnato Peter Salovey
Phil Campbell Phil Cornish
Ran Bush Randy Allen
Randy Morton Randy Pitts
Randy Shelton Randy Wiesendanger
Regina Bartlett Rhonda Vincent
Rich Evans Rich Ferguson
Richard Bailey Rick Cornish
Rick Jamison Rick Lampkins
Riley Baugus Rita Hosking
Rob Ickes Rob McCoury
Roger Siminoff Ron Spears
Ronald Colman Ronnie McCoury
Rosanna Young Ross McDonald
Salvatore Trafficante, Jr Scott Gates
Shawn Lane Snap Jackson
Steve Gulley Steve Hall
Steve Johnson Steve Tilden
Ted Silverman Teresa "Jokey" Michel
Terrie Lampkins Tim Mautz
Tim Mullins Tim Stafford
Tina Louise Barr Tobias Strömberg
Todd Phillips Tom Bekeny
Tom Diamant Tom Manuel
Tom Rozum Tom Sours
Tom Thorpe Tom Tworek
Topher Gayle Trevor Smith
Victor Dowdy Walt Crider
Warren Hellman Wayne Grabowski
Wayne Taylor - "Blue Highway" band Wayne Taylor - US Navy Band
William Nadauld

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