Hooked on Bluegrass

Mary Tilden

Upon meeting Steve, I was exposed to and came to love a banjo playing retired cop with a good sense of humor (who knew his way around the kitchen) and whose musical tastes were opposite of mine. I preferred folk and classic rock to his country. I didn't even know what bluegrass was - other than an area of Kentucky where my mom had gone to school.

Steve often spoke of the old Plymouth bluegrass festival, and when we found out it was starting up again courtesy of the Bakers, we made immediate plans to attend. Thursday night wandering around the grounds was my first exposure to bluegrass music. At that festival I began to fall in love with both the music and the people we met. Very soon our world revolved around Plymouth, Parker, Grass Valley, Etna, and the fall and spring camp outs. I loved being exposed to new bands (to me) on the festival stage and I also loved listening to the various jams that continued throughout the night. I still love to fall asleep to music outside our RV. And my iPod is over 90% bluegrass music.

The friends we've met, the music we've heard - it's become the soundtrack of our lives - and there's no better life!

(posted 12/27/2009)

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