Hooked on Bluegrass

Lynn Quinones

Its quite simple...I saw a real live banjo player when I was 17 years old...and that banjo added something to music I really liked. (Up until that point, I was predominantly immersed in Carter family type acoustic music, cowboy songs, bebop jazz or rock n 'roll.)

I played some guitar, as my father, who was a jazz musician, had given me his L4 Gibson. I got a fiddle, and started taking lessons but I had no gift for fiddle playing. A year or so into the fiddle lessons, I found a mandolin at a garage sale and that I could play so I learned those fiddle tunes on mandolin.

Around that time I went to a Midsummer Bluegrass festival in Grass Valley and I saw a woman about 50 years old with a big blond beehive hairdo, and she was carrying a banjo and I knew then that this was the music for me. I put away my electric guitar, resurrected the L4 and I joined the fold.

(posted 12/31/2005)

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