Hooked on Bluegrass

Dave Walker

I found myself living life on the road, as a software consultant during the Internet boom and thought that learning to play the guitar would be a more productive way to spend my evenings than hotel bars and HBO.

A guitar and its case were just too bulky and cumbersome to tote along for my travels, so I bought a mandolin, thinking it was just a smaller guitar. I found a book on Irish mandolin and learned to play the Popeye theme, but the novelty soon wore off. Shortly thereafter, I was playing frisbee around aquatic park in SF and the Lazy Bones Bluegrass Band from Arcata came through to do some impromptu busking. "So *that's* what a mandolin is supposed to do!" I was hooked from that moment.

My parents saw my new interest, and as both of their fathers had played some banjo (not bluegrass though), they bought me a nice, starter banjo. I put down the mandolin and haven't looked back yet.

(posted 1/8/2006)

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