Hooked on Bluegrass

Roger Siminoff

I got introduced to folk first, back in the mid 1950’s (Peter Seeger, The Weavers, Erik Darling, et al) and was in a folk band called “The Wayfaring Strangers.” I heard bluegrass now and then and when I did, for some reason, it was always Flatt and Scruggs and I thought Earl’s picking was unbelievable (and un-do-able).

Then, in 1959, The Wayfaring Strangers was invited to play at a concert in Amherst, Massachusetts. On the bill with us, among other bands, was Winnie Winston and Bill Keith; and after spending 1/2 hour listening to them in the dressing room (and trying to learn a few licks), I was hooked!

(posted 1/15/2006)

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