Hooked on Bluegrass

Pete Goble

I was helping my sister Mary run the restaurant at the Clay Gentry arena at Lexington KY, a part of the arena. She invited me to go watch the show. I got a seat in the first row. I didn't care for bluegrass at that time but when Earl cut loose on the banjo, that sold me on bluegrass.

On the same show, Lester brought out on the stage a little boy, thirteen years old, JD Crowe. He and Earl picked Momma Blues. I came to Michigan later and met and played with Jimmy Martin and JD Crow was a part of the band. We got to be buddies. I wrote three songs Jimmy recorded at that time.

Since then I have written songs for various artists and recorded two projects with Bill Emerson, formerly of the Country Gentlemen, one being Tennessee 1949 and the other, Dixie in My Eye. I'm currently working on a new one with all new songs. I hope my fans in California will be liking this one as much as the last two albums. I hope we can come out to California and meet some of my fans.

(posted 1/15/2006)

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