Hooked on Bluegrass

Kathy Kirkpatrick

The day before the CBA held its very first fundraiser at the Fairfield Community Center, I was visiting with "Brother" JR and Ellen Schoggins. He was trying to convince me to attend this "mini-festival" for bluegrass. He told me that Wayne & Hazel Williams & Jake & Janet Quesenberry would both be there, and I knew them thru other music venues that JR had performed at. I told JR that while I loved Flatt & Scruggs, I didn't think I could listen to "that stuff" all day long. He assured me that they didn't really play as fast (as what was on the tape we were listening to), that they sped it up in recording studios.

Well, he talked me into going, and the next day I was sitting in the community center realizing that this was music I was raised on, but it wasn't called bluegrass then. I told JR that I think I lied to him ... that I could indeed listen to "this stuff" all day. He told me that he guessed he lied too ... they didn't really speed up the music in recordings. At that event, I became acquainted with Carl & Ed Pagter, as well as Burney Garelick. After that first event, I signed up and signed up my brother Don (Evans) at the same time.

Burney kept after me to get involved in the Assn ... that I didn't have to be a musician to volunteer. I started volunteering by going to Burney's apartment in San Francisco and helping her to get the newsletter she had prepared ready for mailing to the membership. After that the rest is -- as they say -- history. I had no idea at that time that the CBA would consume so much of my life. Nor did I expect to get the lifelong friendships that I have made thru the CBA.

(posted 1/29/2006)

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