Hooked on Bluegrass

Michelle Niixon

Michelle Nixon is Hooked on Bluegrass!! I grew up loving and playing music. My family was very involved in church and coming from the country we did a lot of acoustic music. I have always loved the "Real County" and Bluegrass sound. That is all I have ever played.

I did not get really "bitten by the bluegrass bug" until I went to my first Bluegrass Festival in Myrtle Beach about 12 years ago! I just fell in love with the people and everything it had to offer! I have been singing it since! I really think The Bluegrass Family has something that no other genre has to offer!

I really do enjoy singing, writing, playing, performing this wonderful music. I feel very blessed every time I take the stage. I also think I have the best band take the stage with me each night. They are great people and musicians!! Everyone in our group feels the same way. Each member has been hooked on bluegrass from an early age. Vernon grew up with a Dad that played. He was on stage with Chief Powhatan at 14, playing mandolin. Eddie, Justen, and Jason were all very young when they knew Bluegrass was the music of choice! We sure look forward to coming to California!! Hope to see you there!!

(posted 3/5/2006)

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