Hooked on Bluegrass

Mike Nadolson

My first experience with bluegrass was in 1978 at the Fox Theater in Fullerton, California. I went with a friend to see a band called Sundance. In the band was Byron Berline, Dan Crary, John Hickman,Vince Gill and Don Whaley just to name a few. I was so impressed with the way Dan Crary played that I went out and purchased a D28 Martin the very next day!

By 1980 I had a band called Shadow Mountain and we played all the local Southern California bluegrass festivals and even played the Grass Valley Festival in 1983. Since then I've been "hooked on bluegrass" and the experience has been wonderful. The music has taken me to cities all over the country and I am now trying my best to promote bluegrass music to all who will listen.

(posted 4/9/2006)

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