Hooked on Bluegrass

Pat Calhoun

My music career started at a very early age (3) learning the piano. From about age 12 I played for the church choir, quartet and contatas. I taught music during my high school years (piano & accordion--Oh, well) and was active in the band, orchestra and wind ensemble. I traveled with the Revival Choir and the Harbor Light Quartet. Then started a family and continued music with a 6-piece dance band (Southern Comfort) for more years that I will admit.

In l997 I was invited to a bluegrass festival in Grass Valley. Not playing any bluegrass instrument, I was itchin' to join in. So a bluegrasser said here's my bass, try it. He showed me the strings and I practiced scales and in a couple days he had me jammin'. I was then hooked on bluegrass. When we got home, George went to the music store to get some guitar strings and came home with a very cheap bass. After many months of raw fingers, we purchased a new Christopher bass and not a sore finger since.

For the past 3 years I've been trying to learn the fiddle (I have always loved a challenge! Ha) I thank the good Lord for my ability to not only read music, but play by ear. But mostly, I am grateful for the many bluegrass friends we have made over the years. They are the greatest. Here's to Bluegrass or Blue Grass, whichever you choose.

(posted 9/9/2006)

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