Hooked on Bluegrass

Brooks Judd

Rick Cornish invited me to my first Bluegrass Fathers Festival in June of 1987. I loved everything that Grass Valley had to offer that weekend; great music and friendly people engulfing me in a sense of wonderment that would be my indoctrination to my first bluegrass festival.

What really piqued my interest was that a lot of these people were not "famous" but were ordinary folk. Some of the bands that played that week-end, Grass Menagerie, Piney Creek Weasels, Good Ol Persons, The New 5 Cent Band, were bands whose musicians all "worked" at other jobs for a living. For some reason that struck me as a good thing. I never forgot it.

A few years ago I was at a jam at Slim Sykes home in the hills of San Jose. I was playing bass next to a fellow jammer guitarist, Tom Tworek. As Tom was finishing his break, his face slowly evolved into one huge grin. Tom leaned over to me and said "There is nothing better than playing bluegrass music!" That struck me as a good thing. I never forget it.

(posted 2/3/2008)

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