Hooked on Bluegrass

Andy Gates

I am afraid I must be the one to admit it but I crossed over to the world of Bluegrass Music late in life .I really had very little use for this music at all thinking it was hillbilly hick stuff.

I think the time that began to change was when we were regular Disneyland Season Pass holders and there was this band there called Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. They were a combination of Spike Jones meet the Dillards. Funny and full of musical brilliance as well as very visual performers. We were regulars and Scott, our 4 year old would sit in the front row and mouth all the words while swinging his feet in time to the music. One day at the age of 7, he walked down and asked the Mandolin player if he would teach him to play the Mandolin. The mandolin player said he would and that began the transformation.

We attended the Huck Finn festival locally and sat listening to all of this wonderful music, fast burning instrumentals and beautiful ballads. Nights were spent wandering thru the Camp areas following our son as he sat and learned alongside the best there is. Jams begat Jams begat invitations on stage and the next thing we knew ... we were hooked!

We have enjoyed the family we have picked up along the way, the dear friends, the music and all of the memories we have stored from all of the festivals. As we sit and watch Scott take off on this life path he has chosen, we are encouraged to know that this music will live on thru him and the others like us who came in curious, became hooked and never left the music.

(posted 2/3/2008)

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