Hooked on Bluegrass

Ran Bush

I was raised singing and listening to hymns, and I always loved the harmonies of Bluegrass and Gospel music. I bought my first banjo in the mid-60's, because my buddy Jeff was learning guitar, and there was a folk-music club at our high school with a lot of cute girls in it.

I bought the Pete Seeger book, and learned his bum-ditty strum, and then I found the Scruggs book. I hadn't heard most of the songs, so I went to Maple Leaf Music in Saratoga, and there was this long-haired character named Pete Grant that was teaching banjo lessons.

I knew how much I valued my banjo when I chose to go a lesson rather than work my shift at the local Chicken Dee-lite franchise. I got fired from Chicken Dee-lite, but I've been playing banjo ever since.

(posted 2/19/2008)

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