Hooked on Bluegrass

Regina Bartlett

Well I got hooked on bluegrass music thru the Appalachian Dulcimer. I was raised in Ohio and West Virginia and had the WWVA Hometown Jamboree broadcasted live from the Capitol Theater in Wheeling, WVA and sometimes my Mom and Dad would take me to the concerts. I got to see and hear Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Osborne Brothers, Carl Perkins, The Stanley Brothers, and lots of good gospel music. While in college at CalState Long Beach I was at a poetry reading and Joellen Lapidus (Joni Mitchell's dulcimer maker/teacher) was playing and she passed it around...I picked it up and played it...and folks asked me how long I'd been playing...that was almost 30 years ago! I was taken back to my appalachian roots with one strum!

Since then I've learned a couple more instruments and played at many music festivals and have become an entertainer and picked up a few pointers and tips from some great players and learned that bluegrass music is bigger than what you or me think it is...it's carrying on a tradition that has deep American music roots! I love learning from the great musicians that I have had an opportunity to meet along the way and am greatful for the Strawberry Music Festival and The California Bluegrass Association, and The Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society now called the NCBS!!! and KPIG radio and all of you!

(posted 3/5/2006)

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