Hooked on Bluegrass

Rob McCoury

I got hooked on bluegrass at a very young age. Of course, we always had a house full of music with my dad. A few guys in his band would come over and pick. I don’t recall a time when the music wasn’t around, and we weren’t around it.

I think when I really got bit, was when I was about eight years old. Dad was playing a show with his band, and the Osborne Brothers at a place called Sunset Park in Westgrove Pennsylvania. Every Sunday was a country show with a couple bluegrass bands mixed in. Everybody played at Sunset Park, going back to Hank Williams. The Osborne Brothers, who were Grand Ole Opry stars, came out on stage and looked like a million bucks. I heard what they were doing, and to this day, I am a huge Osborne Brothers fan, particularly Sonny Osborne and his banjo playing. That show had an impression on me, and I got an interest in banjo. My dad was a great banjo player, got me started playing, and got me interested in Earl Scruggs. I started playing, and I have never looked back or slowed down since.

(posted 8/21/2011)

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