Hooked on Bluegrass

Nick Dumas

Bluegrass pretty much ran in my family. My grandpa plays dobro, and has been playing since he was thirteen years old. Ever since I was born, he has lived across the street from me. He had a country gospel band, and they had practice every week. I always went over and listened to them practice. They had a real bluegrass sound, and they had a fiddle player in the band that happened to be our bass player Derrick’s mom. I like the fiddle, and so I started taking some private fiddle lessons. I was twelve at that time. I’m twenty one now. My grandpa helped bring me up musically; through all the bad notes.

One of my biggest hero’s at the time was Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder. I always loved his fiddle player, Andy Leftwitch. Andy was a real inspiration to me. That, was one of the first, good, hard driving bluegrass bands I heard. Then I started getting out more and hearing other bands like Allison Krause and Union Station, and Doyle Lawson.

I was in a family band before Northern Departure, with my grandpa, my mother, my aunt, and Derrick and his mom. I was playing fiddle full time in that band. My aunt played the mandolin. She got me started on the mandolin, and I thought, this sounds pretty good! I started playing it more, and really liked the drive you get with that instrument. I still love the fiddle, but the mandolin is my main instrument now.

(posted 7/3/2011)

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