Hooked on Bluegrass

Aimee Anderson

I got started playing bluegrass music when my Dad and sister Paige were learning to play banjo and guitar together, which looked like a lot of fun! So I wanted to play an instrument. At the 2003 Fathers Day Bluegrass Festival I saw someone playing “Orange Blossom Special” on fiddle, and I really liked that instrument a lot so I decided to play the fiddle. Mostly my Dad and sister Paige inspired me to play music, but my Uncle Lloyd plays fiddle and bag pipes, so he was a big influence on me playing music.

A couple months after the 2003 CBA’s Fathers Day Festival I told mom and dad that I really wanted to play fiddle. So they got my first fiddle from the local luthier, Luke Wilson. After that, Mom and Dad signed me up for lessons with Rick Toles, and I was having a blast! My main instrument is the fiddle, but recently I have been learning the banjo from my dad, and mandolin from my brother, Ethan.

I have always played bluegrass. It is my favorite type of music. I would like to accomplish being a really good fiddle player, and I would love to compete in some fiddle competitions. My dream would be to play at the Grand Ole Opry someday with my family band!!! That would be a lot of fun!

(posted 6/28/2008)

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