Hooked on Bluegrass

Ethan Anderson

I got started playing bluegrass from watching my sisters practice. I thought to myself, “I want to play an instrument!” So I started listening to old Bill Monroe CD’s. I really like Bills mandolin playing, so I told mom and dad, “Hey Mom, Dad, can I play mandolin?” They said yes. So they got me a Kentucky Mandolin. Paige’s guitar teacher, Barry Angel played mandolin. So they signed me up for lessons with him. I was having a lot of fun! What really inspired me was when I saw a show with the Del McCoury Band, and I saw Ronnie McCoury. He is one of my favorite mandolin players and a really big inspiration to me. I decided I wanted to play bluegrass music when I was six years old. Del McCoury Band!!!

My mandolin is my main instrument, but I’m starting to learn how to play banjo and guitar. Bluegrass is the best music ever!! I would like to be a really good mandolin player like Bill Monroe and Ronnie McCoury. My dream would be to play at the Grand Old Opry with my family, and we can open for the Del McCoury Band!!!

(posted 6/28/2008)

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