Hooked on Bluegrass

Daisy Anderson

My family was all playing music together and I really wanted to play with them, so I told Mom and Dad, “Can I play Aimee’s old little fiddle?” And they said yes. So I brought the little fiddle to Aimee’s fiddle teacher, Rick Toles, and he showed me how to hold the bow and play scales. My sister Aimee inspired me to play fiddle. She helps me out with all the songs I learn and she shows me a lot of cool things to play. I decided that I wanted to play music when I was 5 years old.

My main instrument is the fiddle, but lately I have been learning the Dobro from Kathy Barwick. Dobro is a really fun instrument. I really like bluegrass music a lot because it’s really fun. Bluegrass and fiddle is all I have played so far. I would like to be a really good fiddle player like my sister Aimee. My dream would to be playing at The IBMA awards show. That would be so cool!

(posted 6/28/2008)

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