Hooked on Bluegrass

Dan Tyminski

I was very fortunate to have parents who were music enthusiasts and loved to go to fiddle contests, square dances and bluegrass festivals. So I got to listen to a lot of live music growing up.

I started playing when I was very young; six or seven. But the day I got hooked on bluegrass was about two months shy of my thirteenth birthday when I heard a recording of JD Crowe and The New South. Listening to that recording changed my life forever. I’ll never forget that day.

My brother, who was twelve years older than me was in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk Virginia. He had been away a long time, and came home to visit. I couldn’t wait to see him, and then when he pulled in the driveway, the New South was playing on his car stereo. Everyone came out to greet him in the yard because they were all thrilled he was home. They all went in the house, and I stayed out in the car and played that song “I’m walking, yes indeed .. and I’m talkin’ about you and me….” I played that song over and over again. Then I went inside and asked my parents if I could please have a banjo. They looked at me like I had been sniffin’ Sharpies! Well, they did get me a banjo, and I spent the next few years trying to emulate JD and The New South.

(posted 6/28/2008)

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