Hooked on Bluegrass

Molly Tuttle

There has always been bluegrass around my house because my dad plays and teaches bluegrass. One summer, when I was eight years old, I came home from my grandparent’s house in Illinois and my dad surprised me with a new Baby Taylor guitar. I learned guitar very slowly because I rarely practiced and would spend up to a month just learning one chord. After about a year, when I started to realize I could actually play, I started practicing much more regularly.

When I was ten, I would play bluegrass with my younger brothers and one day my dad took us to play at a pre-school fair and said he had two kid students that would play with us. It was Frankie and Nico Nagle, and we met for the first time a few minutes before we played together. So after that, we played together occasionally.

When I was eleven, I got to be an assistant for my dad at the CBA Music Camp at Grass Valley and that was the most fun I had had playing bluegrass. Everyone was very nice to me there and I was just beginning to play well enough that it was fun. I think doing that and then staying for the festival was the start of me really being hooked on bluegrass.

(posted 3/22/2009)

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