Hooked on Bluegrass

Larry Stephenson

I got hooked on bluegrass at a very early age, around four of five when my older brother brought home some Bill Monroe and Jim & Jesse records. I especially remember that Jim & Jesse record. It was the "Bluegrass Special" LP where they and the band were standing on the front of a train depot. "I Wish You Knew", "Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes", "Somebody Loves You, Darling", "Blue Bonnet Lane", it was a great LP that I still have.

My Dad had me playing the mandolin at age five. It wasn't long before we were out playing and I knew I liked the mandolin and the music my brother brought home and then I heard the Osborne Brothers right after "Rocky Top" came out in the late 60's and then I was really hooked. They had a new sound I had never heard before. Growing up in the state of Virginia we were able to go to many of those early Bluegrass Festival's in the late 60's and all through the 70's. I got to see all the legends of this music at those shows.

It was a great time and a wonderful place to grow up...Memories of this great music I'll never forget.

(posted 4/10/2009)

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