Hooked on Bluegrass

Lisa Berman

My bluegrass excuse stems from my Dad. I grew up with him playing the banjo. He learned on the Navy ship heading to Okinawa during Viet Nam. He dragged us to festivals in Southern California (Julian, Topanga, etc.). He played some shows and contests, and used to jam with Alison Brown (who lived close by) before she got way too fast.

At home I, somewhat reluctantly, backed my dad up on some songs and tunes on the guitar. It sunk its hook when I heard a friend's tape of "Fiddlestix" (Cactus Bob, Prairie Flower, Sara Elizabeth Campbell, etc.) when in college. So I started going to Strawberry Bluegrass Festival in '84.

I later saw Jerry Douglas on stage, and that was that ... Old-time ... my current true addiction, that's a different story ... for a different article, I guess.

(posted 1/22/2006)

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