Hooked on Bluegrass

Wayne Taylor - "Blue Highway" band

I got hooked on bluegrass as a kid because my dad was a huge fan of first generation bluegrassers including Bill Monroe and The Stanley Brothers. He was especially a fan of The Stanley Brothers. They were from Southwest Virginia, which is where my folks were from. It’s like they knew somebody that made it; made it big in the bluegrass industry.

When I became a teenager, I got away from bluegrass music for a few years. Then I heard the original Seldom Scene band…. When I heard those guys I said “Man, if that’s bluegrass, that’s what I want to do!!” That was some of the most incredible music. John Starlings’ voice, their choice of material, and just everything that was a part of that band. They were doing stuff that was new and out on the edge. Hearing the Seldom Scene brought me back to bluegrass.

Then I started reverting back to the bluegrass music I had heard as a kid, and I saw how good that music really was. And when I look at the recording technology and equipment that we have today, I think about what they had to work with. They gathered around one mic in the studio and just did it. There wasn’t any going back and fixing it. I’m a huge fan of bluegrass music, and I think you have to be to play it for a living.

(posted 1/24/2009)

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