Hooked on Bluegrass

Ronnie McCoury

Hooked on bluegrass? Well it could have started in the womb! Of course my father is Del McCoury, and he started his band in 1966. I was born in 1967. So, I got hooked pretty early. I grew up going to bluegrass festivals all through Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and just grew up around this environment. Next thing I knew I was trying to learn to play the fiddle. I moved from that to the mandolin, and before too long, I was in my dads band.

The third show I ever stood on stage with my dad was right here at Grass Valley, thirty years ago in 1981. We rode the old bus out here, stopped at Bean Blossom Indiana, and played at Bill Monroe’s festival. He walked over and put his mandolin around my neck on stage, and I got to play it. Monday morning, we woke up, hung around with Don Reno and his boys, then hit the road and came to California. I was 14 at that time, and had only played the mandolin about six months.

(posted 6/23/2011)

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