Hooked on Bluegrass

Larry Cohea

I first heard Bluegrass Music while living in Springfield, Tennessee. It was about 1959. Often on television I would see Martha White Flour commercials done by Flatt and Scruggs. They were not only great music but very humorous too because Lester and Earl were done as animated cartoon characters. I also got to see them live and watched their TV show when ever I could.

A couple of years later we moved back to Bakersfield, CA and I decided to take up the banjo. Soon after that I met my long time friend Craig Wilson who also loved Bluegrass. We would spend many hours slowing records down and practicing. We would also go see every Bluegrass concert we could. Such groups as The Dillards, Bill Monroe, Vern and Ray, and The Kentucky Colonels. How could you not get hooked on Bluegrass?

Since then it has shaped my whole life, getting to play with many great musicians and traveling to many wonderful places. I love it as much now, fifty years later, as ever.

(posted 1/7/2010)

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