Hooked on Bluegrass

Tobias Strömberg

I grew up outside a small town in the western parts of Sweden on a very small farm with a couple of cows, sheep's, horses ad so on. As long as I can remember my father has always been picking on his banjo as soon as he got some time to kill.

And I can remember dad singing "Sunny Side of the Mountain" as we where out riding thru the woods back home.

Growing up I always wanted to play music and as a boy I played all kinds of instruments, from trumpet to keyboard and bass but I always ended up playing on my fathers guitar instead.

When I started high school I got into my first band playing punk rock but I guess I never was angry enough... :)

At that time I still didn't realize that it was bluegrass that was my calling and I had never even heard about an instrument called Dobro!

Time passed and I started to pick on my fathers banjo, I soon got a request to play at a birthday party and got some friends to join me. We had no idea what we where doing but we had alot of fun and from that moment I was hooked on bluegrass and ever since then it's been a huge part of my life.

That was 1999 but it wasn't until 2002 I got in contact with the dobro. It was on a bluegrass festival in Sweden and I was there playing fiddle with a band called Lonesome Mountaineers. As I walked across the parking lot I heard an instrument that made a lonesome and bluesy sound and I just had to know what made that sound! Right there on that parking lot I ordered my first Rednote resonator guitar and I have been playing dobro ever since that day.

So that’ s how I got hooked on bluegrass!

(posted 2/25/2010)

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