Hooked on Bluegrass

Brenda Hough

My journey into bluegrass didn’t start with a family band or a home in the hills of Kentucky. Our family’s origins were more Far East than East Virginia, and my dad played classical piano on the stereo in hopes I would be a pianist like so many daughters of his friends.

High school brought the discovery of my cousin’s record collection and the popular song “Greenfields” and the Kingston Trio. Larry Beard (where are you, Larry?) introduced me to Pete Seeger, the banjo and early efforts to play guitar. The guitar sat for many years in the closet, and twenty years later, friends at church suggested I take the kids to the Country Roads family camp. We loved it, and Walt Bamber, Judy Dowell and Colleen Lethridge introduced me to the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society and then the CBA. I joined the NCBS (Northern California Bluegrass Society aka Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society) board and started writing CD reviews for Bluegrass by the Bay. I’m now a writer for Bluegrass Breakdown, and while the guitar and mandolin are out of the closet, my musical skills still need lots of help! My recent appointment to the CBA Board of Directors has been an honor and I hope to meet and greet everyone and share my love of bluegrass music!

(posted 6/9/2010)

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