Hooked on Bluegrass

Michael Cleveland

Since the day I was born, I have been exposed to bluegrass music. My grandparents were big fans of the music, and were a big part of the bluegrass association in the area, especially around Henryville Indiana where I was born. There was a jam every second and fourth Saturday in Henryville, and a jam every third and fifth Saturday in a town about fifteen miles away. We would go to all of them. My grandparents started taking me to those jams when I was just a baby. I do not remember not being just in love with the music.

I got hooked on the fiddle when at the age of four, I heard a fiddle player play the “Orange Blossom Special”. When I heard that song it just fascinated me, and I knew right then I wanted to play. I started taking classical lessons in school, then started attending local jams. There were many players that were patient with me that were great fiddle players and taught me a lot. I have been playing ever since.

(posted 7/5/2010)

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