Hooked on Bluegrass

Hailey Pexton

I have been coming to the “Fathers Day Festival” in Grass Valley for eight years now with my dad, who plays the fiddle. I was never really hooked into playing bluegrass until the “Good Old Fashioned Festival”, two years ago in August of 2008. At that festival, there was a jam I took part in with a number of friends in which I played some back up guitar. At that time, I knew some fiddle tunes that I had heard from backing up my dad’s fiddle playing with chords on the guitar; I wasn’t even introduced to the pick at that point. It was the encouragement from fellow musicians that encouraged me to start flat-picking.

A few weeks after that jam, I attended the “Brown Barn Festival” and was already flat-picking a couple songs like Billy in the Lowground. I probably would not have made the progress I did had it not been for the motivation I received from people in that prior jam, like Yoseff Tucker, who were influential and took a few minutes to sit down with me.

I encourage young experienced musicians to spend a little time with those that are less experienced. A little can go a far way.

(posted 8/4/2010)

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