Hooked on Bluegrass

Dave Williams

I have owned an upright bass for over 35 years and played in a jug band in my home town Niagara Falls, NY. I moved to California in 1976 and brought the bass and the jug band with me and continued to play for a few years but then life caught up with me and I got married and had a family, a demanding job, little league baseball, soccer, scouts, school bands, school sports and school boards and many other activities that had my bass sitting in the corner of my living room being nothing but an interesting piece of furniture.

Musically, I have always had very eclectic taste from jug bands to urban string bands like Martin, Bogan and Armstrong to DAWG music to Grappelli gypsy jazz. As you can see this is obviously a straight line progression to bluegrass.

Anyhow, my kids grew up and left the nest and one day about 9 years ago I looked over and saw my bass sitting in the corner looking lonely and decided that I would like to begin playing again and I thought maybe bluegrass bass would be a fun way back into playing. So I dialed 1-800-Bluegrass (Jack Tuttle) and I began playing in jam classes at Gryphon. Although I had lots to learn and catch up on, I loved it from day one. Playing and jamming just ratcheted up my excitement more and more with each session. About a year into the jam classes, I bought my talented wife, Linda, a mandolin (a smart move for a guy who was now spending multiple nights a week away from home) and in a very short time she joined the jam classes as well. Festivals and music camps and various jams and workshops followed and our involvement continued to grow. About 5 years ago we abandoned Jack (I’m pretty sure he got over it though) and formed a band. This just added to our enjoyment. In 2009 our semi–amateur band (‘bout Time!) played over 25 dates at farmers markets and community events and with more booked in 2010 we are going strong.

(posted 12/31/2009)

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