Hooked on Bluegrass

Adam Steffey

I got hooked on bluegrass because of my grandfather, a man named Fred Carter.

There is a place called Hiltons Virginia, just across the state line from where I grew up in Kingsport Tennessee. My grandpa would take me up to the Carter Fold, the Carter Family home place. We used to go up there on Saturday night and see all of the bands that came through. They still have a music show up there every Saturday night. I used to go up there with him, just to be hanging out with my grandpa. After so many months of doing that, I started really watching the bands on stage, and I got hung up on the mandolin. I heard a guy named Dempsey Young who played with “The Lost and Found,” a great bluegrass band. When I heard Dempsey play the mandolin, something just sparked in my head, and I thought, I'd really like to play like him. (As if I ever could, because he was soooo good).

My grandpa bought Lost and Found's first record, “First time around.” I listened to it until I nearly burnt a hole in it. A few months later, my grandpa bought me my first mandolin at the flea market for thirty dollars, just to see if I would stay interested in it. Well that's how I got into it. I haven't got out of it since.

(posted 8/21/2008)

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